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Medium: 18” x 14” Oil and copper leaf of canvas board (Original unframed)



Limited edition run of 55

Paper print (Giclee on 300gsm fine art etch paper) 

Image size: 12" x 16" 

Paper size: 16" x 20"


Collection: ART DECO


Art Deco Collection

The Art Deco period has been a fascination for me following a trip to Miami a few years ago, where I became enchanted by the amazing architecture designs and the use of metal finishes. I often wonder what it must have been like to have lived during these times. To have experienced the lifestyle, the people, and the music. So, creating a collection which captures the era by using burnished copper leaf and monochrome in harmony was key.


Whilst researching art deco reference material, these two amazing ladies instantly captured my heart. So, who are they?

Eleanor Helene Emma Gutöhrlein (18 August 1909 – 7 June 1997) and Karola (Karla) Elisabet Charlotta Gutöhrlein (born 9 September 1910) were German-born sisters who danced and acted together in several 1930s films. They were sometimes billed as "The Sisters G". They were often seen as twins despite being born 1 year apart.



There is so much happiness emanating from this piece. A true sense of pride along with a "we're living the dream together" ora. Meanwhile, the copper burnished background with its ever-changing shine as it reacts to the light source, will enchant you further.


PriceFrom £75.00
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