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Whether it’s the hours of research which follows a fragment of an idea, exploring and testing different techniques, seeing the idea build into reality, or the music he listens to when painting. As a self-taught artist based in the Bedfordshire countryside, Dave’s passion comes from the sense of escapism and tranquility that surrounds him when he creates each piece of artwork. The crowning glory for Dave is when someone is emotionally moved by his artwork, this is a huge motivation for him and fuels his creative journey all the more.


Dave’s artwork explores the relationship between figurative / abstract techniques and the balance between vibrant colours and monochrome tones:

“My paintings are all about emotion, light /shadow and capturing "the moment". I strive to blend abstract and loose realism to create a piece that provokes thought and reflection of memories or aspirations in the eye of the beholder. Each time I look at a piece I have created I can always recall a soundtrack I have listened to which helped shape the artwork’s direction.... a bit like having my own playlist in paint.” Dave Thomas



They say you should never cook with wine that you would not drink. Dave feels the same way about artwork (he also enjoys fine wine), hence he only uses high quality mediums.

“Oil: I use Rembrandt as they have intense luminosity and depth, along with the highest possible concentration of pigments. This makes for vibrant tones where the mood of the painting can change based on light source.” Dave Thomas

“Acrylic: I use Atelier Interactive as they offer exceptional pigment loading, lightfastness and have a velvety satin finish. As with the Rembrandt oils, the high pigmentation results in vibrant and moody tones.” Dave Thomas