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18" x 14" Oil on canvas board


This is a style I absolutely love creating, with the darkness of the background to the vibrance of colour tones, it's a true marriage of classic and abstract styles. 


For me the male pheasant is quite a character with his proud and confident stride (often accompanied by his female fillies). I often see them venture around my garden at home and the male (the Colonel) always  stands guard whilst the ladies enjoy their wild bird seed and peanuts, before accompanying them back to the woods. I think this piece captures this beautifully and will make quite a statement in any space.


The original comes dressed in a black Araucaria Pine with a silver / gold highlight trim, is ready to hang and looks totally stunning. When hung in a space with the light source glancing over Colonel, his magnificent colours will pop due to the high pigment of the Rembrandt paint. 


Limited edition run of 55

Image size paper print 18" x 14" (40mm border)


Limited edition run of 55

Image size canvas print 18" x 14" (70mm border)

The Colonel

PriceFrom £125.00
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