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Medium oil on 18” x 14” canvas board (unframed)


Collection Colour Energies (3 pieces: Red, Blue, Purple)


This thought-provoking collection has been designed to encourage the viewer to stop, take a breath, and allow themselves to be drawn into the vibrancy of the butterfly’s’ colour tones as they sit in harmony with the characters they embrace.


Each character holds a very personal style. This is intended to represent the differences we have in our own physical form, not wright or wrong, just uniquely individual, and beautiful.

Butterflies placed this way have different meanings, including “transition”, “protection” and “wearing a mask”. Each can be considered a sacrifice. We each make sacrifices of time, love, money and much more without wanting others to know, so we mask our outwardly appearance. For this I kept the skin tones monochrome to allow the vibrant colours of the butterflies and lipstick to shine brighter and so become the wearers’ external mask.

The structure of each character and their butterfly take significant meaning from the tones and also communicate colour energies, each of which took me on my own journey. These were initially intended as study pieces for a new collection. However, I soon became immersed in their individual meaning and so they became somehow more.



“Purple” is translated as “spiritual” or “higher energy”. The character in this piece appears strong, secretive, quiet, suggestive that she is on a higher plain. Her hair sits straight and true from the top of her head down to her body. The spiritual energy here flows true, with no interruptions, is pure and free flowing. As purple is a blend of both red and blue colours, this is the balance of sacrifice and protection we all strive to achieve.


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