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Medium: 18” x 24” Oil on canvas (Original unframed)


Prints (2nd Image)

Limited edition run of 55

Paper print (Giclee on 300gsm fine art etch paper) 

Image size: 12" x 10" 


"Perseverance" by definition is the persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.


This is true of many of us who strive to better themselves, whether a musician, dancer, painter, actor etc. It is a value we all experience throughout our lives on many occasions. True success comes when you push beyond your own comfort zone and strive for greatness.


"Perseverance" is an artwork which portrays this in multiple ways. Not just from the pianist sitting back and rubbing her aching neck, but also the abstract frame in which she sits. The variance of colour shades, waves, scratches within this frame represent all the thoughts, doubts, emotions, which surround this artist in her quest to become better.


This is a truly stunning artwork which I have really enjoyed not only creating, but also to sit with and ponder "I can still do more".


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