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16" oil on round canvas board (framed)


With vibrant hues of blue, shaded tones of red, white highlights and the tanned body in shadow, you can almost feel the summer sun in this piece. "Life's a Beach" is part of the "Beach Life" collection and sits alongside "Desirability", "Tranquility" and the forth piece which will be released soon.


"Life's a Beach" captures a happy moment in time, back to the days when going to the beach was a true fashion affair with friends and family. Times where people enjoyed games on the warm sand, conversations with each other, running into the waves, all with no technology in sight! The question is, has the lady caught the beach ball from a friend, or is someone about to have it bounced off them whilst sunbathing?


Top this off with a circular piece of artwork, the original of which has been set into a stunning antique walnut frame with a ring of gold. You could almost be admiring the view through the porthole of a vintage boat.


Limited edition run of 55

Image size paper print  400mm diameter (50mm border)


Limited edition run of 55

Image size canvas print 400mm diameter (70mm border)

Life's a Beach

PriceFrom £125.00
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