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18" x 14" Oil on canvas board (unframed)


The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a huge inspiration for me whilst growing up. It was wild, zany, filled with awesome music, and totally off the wall.


2 songs from the soundtrack really stood out for me, "I'm Going Home" and "In the Velvet Darkness". So in a moment of random inspiration, I created 2 unique tribute pieces of the same titles, "I'm Going Home" sold within the first week!


Riff Raff took me on quite a journey, as I really wanted to capture the "noire" balance of darkness and light in order to maximise the dramatic movie moment. It's the look in his eyes which transfixes me, is it hatred, contempt, despair, resignation, or something else?


There's no limited edition print runs of either "I'm Going Home" or "In the Velvet Darkness", so these are truly "one off" original pieces!

In the Velvet Darkness

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