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30" x 20" oil, acrylic and texture medium on box canvas


So why "Equinity"?

The other two pieces in this collection (Transition and Majestic) focus on the ballerina, her childhood dreams, the many hours of pain endured whilst training to master her skills (this being depicted by the cracked texture), and her thoughts and emotions as she is lost in the captured moment of the artwork.


"Equinity" encapsulates the horse as the "Equine" and the balance of the ballerina portrays the "Equality" between both the ballerina and the horse, where two become one.


The pole represents a fairground carousel, where in this case, both the ballerina and the horse are disengaged from any constraints, surrounding noise and are free to enjoy this moment together, as one.


Limited edition run of 55

Image size paper print  30" x 20" (50mm border)


Limited edition run of 55

Image size canvas print 30" x 20" (70mm border)


PriceFrom £125.00
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