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Medium: 18” x 24” Oil on canvas (Original unframed)


Prints (2nd Image)

Limited edition run of 55

Paper print (Giclee on 300gsm fine art etch paper) 

Image size: 12" x 10" 


"Deep" Headlines the sheer depth of emotion which screams out of this piece and truly draws you into the moment. The hazy outline blending into the misty background captures the melancholy this beatiful lady is lost in, leaving you wondering why she is so sad.


This is a piece I truly fell in love with from the first outline phase, and I refused to rush subsequent phases until I felt in the right minset to build the next layer of emotion.


"Deep" is the first of three pieces in my latest collection. Each piece has been designed to be different canvas sizes in order to suit both the protagonist and the emotion.


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