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18" x 14" Oil on canvas (Original reserved for exhibition)


This piece is one half of a pair (the other half of this duo is called Pearl) and when both pieces are placed side by side, they will sing to each other (pictorially of course, no batteries supplied).

With a nod back to the past where people used to dress up in their finest togs to venture out for fine dining and entertainment. In this piece, I have built up a texture background in oils which portrays the stage being lit by a spotlight beam. 

The white tones in the original of this piece will pop when hung in partial shade and the light source glancing across it, making for quite a dramatic piece.

The original has been framed in a dark sable marquetry frame which really compliments the tones in this piece and is all set ready to hang in your space.


Limited edition run of 55

Image size paper print  18" x 14" (40mm border)


Limited edition run of 55

Image size canvas print 18" x 14" (70mm border)


PriceFrom £125.00
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